Ik onkar satnam kartha purkh Nirbhau, nirvair akal murat ajooni saibhang gur parsad jap aad sach jug aad sach Hai bhie Nanak hosi bhi sach my prayer to #newtown RIP little ones rest in piece my prayers are always with especially those who survived the tragedy -_- god bless their families keep them safe

woah this is sexy :) rami 

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i made myself sad 

I so totaly agree

Rami Malek should do an audiobook.


Because of reasons.

robina:more like a romance novel lol :)

omg lol my friend nita’s favorite jaw lol 

omg lol my friend nita’s favorite jaw lol 

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omg rami is holding a captain america comic book lol and i have captain america as my background on twitter

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